Hello everyone, Brad here. Two quick items:

First I want to join others in extending my condolences to Roy Hargrove’s family and loved ones. I met Roy years ago in 1988 when we were both young and he was incredible then - a fully formed musician, completely there, nothing missing. I played with him (late night jam session) not even 5 months ago at Smalls and he sounded just as great, even better - perfect solos with absolute economy. High musicality tempered with undeniable  bad-assed coolness; fire and brimstone when the music called for it yet a true romantic in his heart, all heart. That was Roy.  He was a true artist and I’ll miss him with everyone else.

Second, for U.S. citizens: Please go and vote today! (I did my absentee last week). In my lifetime there has never been a mid term election as important as this one. Vote with your conscience but vote - even if those bastards might already be hacking the electronic voting machines. Okay enough preaching. Have a great day everyone and over the next couple weeks I’ll be giving some news about projects I’ve been involved in that have been fun and gratifying. Will try not to clog your inbox too much.

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