Dear friends, Brad here. I hope everyone is well. Just wanted to share some photos of a recent trip to Hamburg. It was a deep honor to be invited by Steinway Hamburg to choose a piano for the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The beautiful “Ellphie” will now have 3 pianos at its disposal. There were four pianos for me to choose from as you see in the first photo; I chose the one I’m seated at after about an hour of playing all of them. It wasn’t too difficult. It has a warm tone and sings back at you. Absolute control and possibility! It is not bright; it’s not the one for Rach 3. But the Elb already has that one actually. 

Afterwards I got a tour of Steinway’s factory from my generous host, Gerrit Glaner, Head of Steinway C&A in Hamburg, pictured opening the large doors to the factory below. That was inspiring and I learned a lot in a very short amount of time about the construction of these amazing instruments. I probably retained about 12% of what Gerrit explained to me, but it was great stuff.


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