BRAD MEHLDAU: Three Pieces after Bach

I’m very excited to play my Three Pieces After Bach for piano solo again in several concerts in Europe next week. The pieces were premiered more than a year ago at Carnegie Hall, and since then I’ve fidgeted with the scores a bit, making the written music more presentable in terms of formatting, enharmonic spellings, etc. So the scores are finally ready for prime time and are available for purchase digitally.

Also, at the concerts next week, I will be bringing some printed copies and would love to say hello and sign a copy for anyone who’s interested in buying one after the concert. The concerts, in a similar approach as a few others I’ve given with this program, while pair my pieces with the original Bach pieces that inspired them, and also add a few other Bach pieces to the program, which I will play first, and then make improvisations inspired by the Bach pieces.

There is no "jazzing up" Bach – not that I have anything against that, but just to be clear what the program is – it’s either the Bach pieces or something from me. Thanks everyone for your interest!